80 Degrees and Sunny

I’m not complaining.

Given the number of times we’ve been to Cancun and because the Mayans haven’t built any new ruins, we are treating this like a cruise: watching the water and trying to finish breakfast in time for lunch.

This terrace above has become our default work place. The setting was beyond my photographic skills. We were sitting in the shade (Minnesotans have to be careful) so the white buildings in the background and the blue sky are totally washed out.

Some visitors to our beach.

The beach, which is not the white sand Cancun is famous for; that’s on the ocean side, is part of the view. We are in a low rise on the lagoon side, so it feels a little more like Mexico instead of the Miami ocean front.

A North American in Mexico

But don’t over-interpert the last sentence. We are in an all-inclusive resort that caters to Norte Americos (US and Canada.)

Here the buildings are visible and the sky blue
Ivan, who lets me use the Hobie Cat without supervision if it isn’t too windy. So far this week, the problem has been getting home without resorting to the paddle.

Breakfast ends at 11:00 so they can set up for lunch at 12:00.


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