Number Twenty Four: Maine

One half of 48 is 24.

After we did the cleverly  named “Northern Trail” in Number 23, New Hampshire, here we did the equally clever “Eastern Trail”.  You’d think by this time we could follow a simple trail. Trying to follow one through town seems to be our consistent downfall. We did find an interesting statue in the middle of intersection involving North, Elm, Main, and Beech, none of which said the trail goes this way. I wasn’t even sure which street we came in on; I knew it was narrow, busy, and no bike lane. My stoker had a suggestion.

Riding away from town went better but wasn’t without some unintended loops and dead ends. Our criterion for trails we don’t want to do again gets longer or maybe the criterion for the trails we like gets simpler: rail to trail conversion, asphalt.

We managed to work in an afternoon at a railroad/transportation museum. Doré seems to have a thing about trolleys.

Maine is the beginning of our multi-state lobster roll taste testing; the 1029 Club is in the running.




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