Planes, trains, ships, automobiles, and one tandem bike

Tandemonia is not a real word. It is a portmanteau from tandem, a bicycle built for two in our world, and pandemonia, which looks like the Latin plural of the seeming Greek word pandemonium, which would roughly translate as All Demon Place. But Plato knew nothing about Pandemonium; the word was made up by John Milton as the name for the capital of Hell in Paradise Lost and it doesn’t have a plural.

For us, Tandemonia has nothing to do with demons but simply reflects the chaos that ensues when one (or rather two) decides to live on the road, or the high seas, for a year or more. Every one (or two) has to have a mailing address, pay taxes, stash stuff, deposit checks, and keep credit card companies happy.

A home leaving, which is the complement of a home coming, is not as simple as it was when all that was required was throwing a duffel in the back, or the front of a VW beetle, and calling home every couple weeks for money.

This is the epic tale of our attempt to live happily ever after. There are links below that will take you, more or less, to the beginning of some phase of this homelessness. Or you can search on keywords and hope I included something like it. (The state names should all be there.)

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The Black Watch Circumnavigation:

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This is epic tale of Ronald and S. Doré Mead’s home-leaving

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