Number Twenty Nine: Pennsylvania

Crossing the Delaware by car, not bike or boat; Lambertville, NJ, is on the right; New Hope, PA, is on the left. Lambertville is a little north of Washington Crossing; New Hope is in Buck County, and was having its annual Arts and Crafts Fair that day. Half of New York City had come down to ‘enjoy’ the quaint artsy village and beautiful fall weather. By this time, we’ve gotten used to East Coast drivers but took about half an hour to cross the bridge; a bike or boat would have been faster.

In addition to biking along the Schuylkill River, we had a couple dinners with a neighbor of twenty-two years in Tangletown and six or seven years in Nordeast. Susan McAninch  and her ‘husband’ Charles are residents of Skippack, west of Trenton, northwest of Philadelphia, and northeast of Valley Forge but there is no straight line from anywhere to anywhere. You’d think by this time that we would remember to take pictures of people. This is the best I can do; I can’t explain but Susan is sometimes a little flighty.

IMG_3597.JPGThe bike ride was from Valley Forge into Philadelphia. It would have been almost exactly fifty miles round trip. However, there was a stretch in western Philly that was gravel on the edge of the river, then alleys, or maybe they were streets. We opted for the car. We did manage 47 miles by bike although the bike computer shows almost 80 because we didn’t turn it off while we were driving.

The beginning in Valley Forge National Historical Park was rather different than the end in inner-city Philadelphia. We were too early for fall colors and too late for summer flowers but the park was still very pleasant. Although I wouldn’t want to camp there for the winter.

Apparently, southeastern Pennsylvania was big in motion pictures from 1912 to 1922. The Philadelphia segment of our ride included The Art Museum and lots of public art along the river.

The phase of my life when I spent a lot of time in Philadelphia (at the National Board of Medical Examiners) was the mid to late 70s. At the time, they were busy refurbishing for the Bicentennial; they are busy now refurbishing the parts that haven’t been touched in 42 years.

Working with the NBME has its upsides and downsides. The downside is I spent most of my time locked in conference rooms with committees of physicians. The upside is when a bunch of physicians donate three or four days of their time to the NBME, the NBME doesn’t quibble with expense accounts.

[What’s the difference between God and a physician? God doesn’t think he’s a physician.]
















One thought on “Number Twenty Nine: Pennsylvania

  1. Ha ha! I’ve heard that joke about God and doctors and love it. Your blog brought me down memory land when my parents (Mary and Ed) were living in Devon, PA when I was working in NYC. Many family holidays were spent in Valley Forge park, running, walking, cycling, and most of all having lots of fun and history at the same time. Good blog – thanks for sharing, and Dore, I love the butterfly outfit! Sue


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