Number Fourteen: Kansas

Small town Midwest at the Trade Winds Bar & Grill in Garnet. Although the sign on the door said you must be 21 to enter, every family in Garnet must have been there for lunch on a Tuesday. Based on the street appeal of the front, we wouldn’t have gone in if we hadn’t read reviews.

When we asked the couple at the next table, who were the people who baked the pies for the Trade Winds and recommended them highly, for directions to a store in Garnet, everyone at our end of the restaurant got into the conversation before we left; they didn’t all agree.

Back on the trail, the rear tire looked a little soft but, fortunately, the trailhead had a Dero repair station. (Dero is a Minneapolis company that makes bike racks and trailside repair stations.) Unfortunately, the pump didn’t work so all I accomplished was letting more air out.

While I pondered my options, a large gentleman (still in cowboy country), whose family had been picnicking nearby, got out of his hammock to ask if he could help.  Seeing the problem, he said, “I have some CO2 cartridges.”  When I asked, “How much?”, he said, “Have a nice day.”

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