Number Forty Four: Mississippi

We worked our way across Louisiana sampling fried oyster po’boys and continued that research in Mississippi. Our standard version from the Sea Salt at Minnehaha Falls stands up well in this competition.

For our biking component, we rode the Longleaf Trace.

This is South Mississippi’s premier running, biking, hiking, equestrian trail. It is a beautiful linear park,  41 miles long and fairly flat (a rails-to-trails conversion), extending  from Hattiesburg (elevation 220′) through Sumrall (290′), Bassfield (460′), and Carson to Prentiss (336′). It was a long time ago that we rode the trail at Frisco, CO, starting at 9,005′ and going to 9,121′. That was higher, hotter, and harder, although the Longleaf did have more ups and downs.

The trail was about the trees and they took the trouble to tell us what they were. Unlike the typical rails-to-trails trail, they weren’t just 25 year-old volunteers that always grow along abandoned railroads.

Who knew pines had leaves, long or otherwise?

We found an interesting restaurant, no idea now what it was called, but liked its food (fried oyster po’boys and grits aren’t just for breakfast) and its attitude:

“If you’re not served in 5 minutes, you will be served in 8 or 9, maybe 12. Chill.”  “Children left unattended and running will be towed away at the owner’s expense.”  “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Pants, No Service.”

2 thoughts on “Number Forty Four: Mississippi

  1. Hi there you too, Well, there you are. Back again, enjoying the good old U.S. in your own style. I congratulate you and wish you both a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I’ve been quiet the last 2 months as I was laid off at work due to a re-organization (which is a blessing in disguise). So, it has been a very busy time…medicare, supplemental, etc. but I will have more time to enjoy life and to read your wonderful emails. And more time to spend and enjoy with you when you visit!!! Or I visit!!! Love, Sue 😁


  2. Hi, Sue. Ron and I have been traveling, yet again. This time: Texas — specifically, Austin. We visited twice the campus (church, school, etc.) of St. Ignatius Martyr, where my uncle (Father Gene Doré) built the church, school, etc. Do you remember him? I think, when I was nine, Father Gene visited us in Short Hills. At the “kids” mass (9 a.m. on Sunday?), Father Gene spoke at the railing, instead of climbing up to the pulpit. I thought he was weird and I was embarrassed! Geez!

    We need to return to Minneapolis by March 2 so we can vote on March 3. Then we’ll stay in Minneapolis until we travel to Russia in late June to take a two-week river cruise.

    Would you like to join us in May or September? Both of those months usually have great weather. Thanks, Sue!


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