Sydney, Day Two

Watching BBC, we are hearing about a major investigation in Britain about children, ages 4 to 12, who were told their parents had died in the Battle of Britain and shipped to Australia. It went on until the 1970s, which had very little to do with the Battle of Britain. Maybe they had run out of prisoners to transport. Once there, the kids were put in residential “church” schools and subjected to all forms of abuse, starting with child labor.

That’s Britain’s scandal. Australia’s current scandal is concerned with Aborigines who die mysteriously in police custody. All distressingly familiar.

We spent most of day two in the Australian Museum, which focused on natural history. We know even more about marsupials and flightless birds.

After two very pleasant days, sailing away was spectacular. Out of the harbor, under the Harbor Bridge, past the Opera House one more time (I almost said ‘one last time’ but I’m not willing to commit to that) was unbelievable. The question of the day was, “How many pictures can you take of one building?” When I eventually get them on line, these pictures will complete with those from the New Zealand Fjords.

We knew setting out that satellite internet service would be slow but ‘slow’ would be a lot better than ‘no’. What pictures I have managed to upload have been on shore but there is only so much on-shore time that I am willing to devote to WiFi. Open WiFi is much less common than we are accustomed to. Who ever heard of a coffee shop or museum that doesn’t offer it? Time is on our side.

A resident of Sydney is called a Sydneysider, but I’ve heard no explanation for the term but it may have to do with football, but I don’t even know if that means soccer, rugby, or Australian-rules football. From the Urban Dictionary:


A person who lives in Sydney, Australia and really hates Melbourne. Their hobbies include sooking about how Sydney is better than Melbourne because they have a massive chip on their shoulder.

Most of them are having trouble dealing with the fact that Sydney has had its day, and Melbourne has no where to go but up. Typically, they will have go on about how much it rains in Melbourne, oblivious to the fact that Sydney’s average rain fall is higher than that of Melbourne’s.


2 thoughts on “Sydney, Day Two

  1. It is so much fun reading about your amazing trip. Can’t wait to hear more details in person! May, right? Love you both…


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