4 thoughts on “Rarotonga, Cook Islands

    1. I’m a little disappointed by the 40 degrees. I like telling people that Minneapolis was 100 degrees colder than Bora Bora. Somehow saying 38 degrees Celsius doesn’t have the same punch.


  1. Years ago, when I used to scuba dive, I had a subscription to a scuba magazine. They often had stories about the exotic South Pacific islands with their beautiful reefs and the hordes of colorful species that inhabited them. At our age, maybe lugging scuba tanks in and out of the water is a bit too much to ask of an aching back, but I am glad you got to see the reefs of Bora Bora from a glass bottomed boat.
    As an ex-Navy guy, I passed through a lot of high seas. I was one of the fortunate ones who did not get sick. When I did get a little queasy, I found the best place to be was outside, with the fresh wind in your face. Focus on the stable horizon, not the bobbing ship.
    I would love to see lots of photos, but I understand you are on a ship with probably very limited bandwidth in the server.
    Enjoy your grand adventure. Stay well.


    1. Focusing on the horizon certainly helps, but that was somewhat hampered because much of the outside space was off-limits because of the 40 knot winds. Things are smoother today.


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