Latitude 20 South; Longitude 90 West

Which puts us a quarter of the way around the globe from Greenwich, like Minneapolis. We have gone about 7,500 miles and have about 22,500 to go. That’s about 12,500 and 37,500 km. The totals, if you have trouble with 5-digit addition, are 30,000 miles and 50,000 km.

This is about half way between Gen San Martín, Peru, and Hanga Roa (capital of Easter Island,) Chile. And it seems to be between satellites, which means spotty internet service. Easter Island may be the most isolated inhabited place on the planet.

The news on the boat is a out-break of Norovirus, which means the buffets, pools, and public restroom are off-limits. We have had colds and hope that gives us immunity for whatever other viruses are floating about.

Today we have the opportunity to learn about volcanoes of the Pacific Rim and birds of the South Pacific. The geologist who gives the lectures on volcanoes is retired from the Open University, north of London, and joined the cruise as a lecturer from Peru to Tahiti. We have had a couple meals with her and her (geologist) husband, who is along for the ride. Both are concerned about the anti-science sentiment so prevalent in the world today, most recently displayed in the US.

I also had a short conversation with the bird man about the Franklin (I think) gulls we saw on the piers in Peru. (I have a photo that won’t upload.) They liked to sit on the mooring ropes from the ship but have very defined personal spaces of about their wing span. If anyone tried to horn in, there would be considerable discussion about it but somebody had to leave.

Living on a ship for three or four months, personal space requirements have been adjusted.

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