Doré in Bonaire

The morning started with breakfast on Deck 6 by the pool, with fruit, juice, coffee, and eggs benedict, with the roof raining gently as the deck staff stacked up cushions on the deck chaises. The rain passed quickly so we could head for the excursion.

Bonaire is beautiful, with small 1- to 3-floor buildings.

Probably 8 or 10 dinghies brought the crowd to the excursion, with 10 or 12  people on each dinghy plus 2 or 3 staff people. They brought me and my cane to one of the last dinghies. Then the crowd transferred to the smaller ship for the excursion.

All but four of the passengers taxied again on dinghies, to snorkel the island. Four of us stayed back on the smaller ship, including a couple I’ve seen in the dining room every evening. They were very kind, letting me know that I’m learning to speak again after two large strokes in April. She was sweet and encouraging me to speak.

When the rest of the passengers joined the smaller ship, we all enjoyed  a cocktail on the smaller  ship and lots of folks  started an invigorating conversation. In particular, Ron enjoyed the couple who had stayed on the smaller ship and with a conversation with a guest who is a coroner. Hmmm … I hope we won’t become part of a crime the coroner needs to solve.


One thought on “Doré in Bonaire

  1. Oh, Dore, you are amazing! I am not sure why paradise involves climbing into dinghys, but you’ve triumphed again!
    Here in Florida we spent a good bit of our evening bathed in a remarkable sunset at the shore.
    We are thinking of you as you traverse the ocean we share! And we look forward to sharing Minnesota with you again. Katherine and Jim


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