Doré’s dreams

 I was on 6 deck alone. I got on the train that runs along the deck and then went straight up to the next deck and then went back horizontally again. I got off the train and then realized I was chatting with Albert Garcia. “You can’t be here,” I said. “He died in prison.” “No,” Al said, “Jackie got me out of there and helped me get on the ship, although his secretary is still in prison.”

 I turned over and felt like I might be awake. “Ron?” I asked. He didn’t answer. He’s not there. He had left a note on the little table “6th deck, coffee area.” I looked for the Vienna bag to see whether it has my sunglasses and a pen if I need to write.

 Ron came to the cabin. “Let’s go,” Ron said. “Let’s go swimming” and then he did.

 I hope now I can go to the Medical Office so I can found an antihistamine so I can start breathing better.

 Later, the doctor at the Medical Office didn’t want an antihistamine but gave me cough syrup for every six hours and Cetirizine once a day for four days. Will that clear my red eyes? Will I stop hissing in my chest? Having the syrup, now I’m not allowed to drink any water for two hours. Aargh! I’m not getting much water. Rats.

2 thoughts on “Doré’s dreams

  1. Your dream of the train’s path on the ship seems like an M.C. Escher drawing.
    I like the part about Ron saying “Let’s go swimming” “and so he went”. Was that real or still the dream?


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