The Trip of a Lifetime, Regardless

On the Black Watch, last night we went through the second change to a cabin. The third cabin smells much better. We took minimal stuff during the night and then Ron and the staff brought the rest of our belongings in the morning.

After dinner but before we went to the third cabin, my right eye had become inflamed. In the middle of the night, my eye was stuck closed. Several times, I got rid of the crust and put in saline solution so the eye would start to use. By the morning, my eyesight is working far better but the eye looks swollen and red.

I pray this is the end of changing cabins. And the end of having new problems with my health.

On Barbados on Saturday, I hope to buy laundry soap like “Free” so I can start to wash clothes by hand. I’ll also look for an antihistamine to help my eye and my lungs, which are screeching. Finally, January 14 will look everything rosy. Yea! Ron deserves the trip of our lives. To be safe, I want to look too for a mask that will keep the sick smells out. After the first 11 days, we’ll be free!

Now I’m ready for both of us to start the rest of our lives. 

3 thoughts on “The Trip of a Lifetime, Regardless

  1. Doré worries far more about how Ron is doing than Ron does. It is unfortunate that she can’t fully participate in all the conversations and we’ll do less strenuous shore excursions than we anticipated but it is the trip of a lifetime.

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  2. When Dore worries about you, the trip, not participating, please remind her of an option that way too many people without her history have taken – doing nothing. The two of you are engaging in a wonderful adventure! Alan and I agree with your regarding smells. We are sick of all the scented soaps, smelly dryer sheets, chemical cleaners, perfumes, and deodorizers that most of our landlords use. On the flip side, I do prefer clean. So whadda ya gonna do?


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