London to Southampton

We made it to Southampton and the ship with our seven pieces of luggage. The flat to the Waterloo Station was via Ace Cars, which seems to be a version of Uber specific to East End residents. The concierge (what happened to i before e except after c?) named Duncan arranged it for us.

Once again our timing was off, so we had an hour of people watching at Waterloo. Fifteen minutes before we were scheduled to start, they announced track nine, almost next to where we were sitting. Cool. Among the first on, so fairly easy to store our luggage and sit. Then they announced a train change; we were now leaving from track six. We grabbed our stuff and “ran” off to the new train. Everyone else was quicker: I could manage five of the pieces of luggage, which left Doré only two plus the cane; they don’t seem to have porters; the train was moving by the time Doré was inside the door and all the good luggage spots were taken. The trains run on time whether the people do or not.

The rest of the trip was uneventful. No time pressure getting off and plenty of people willing to help including two men with cellos in addition to their luggage. Cabs were at the door (everybody was going to the harbor); we didn’t touch the luggage again until it was in our cabin. Small but adequate storage. Now we have to worry about finishing breakfast in time for lunch.

I will proof-read this later. This is just a draft.

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