And Away We Went

[26/12] We are on our way, with some glitches. Misread the flight schedule and went to the airport two hours early. Sailed through security, partly because Sun Country/IcelandAir gave us a wheelchair. Weather delayed almost everything by an hour or more, which ultimately meant we had a much shorter layover in Iceland but a long day in MSP.

[27/12] IcelandAir also provided a chair plus  a pusher, so we again skipped the lines. And rather than having to walk across the tarmack and walk up the steps  against a 30 mph wind with the real people, we had a little enclosed truck that lifted us up to the plane. We were tired enough that we both slept most of the way. At Gatwick, we had an electric cart that ran us around Immigration, collected our luggage, and delivered us to the cab stand. We opted for a taxi rather than two trains and a bus with seven pieces of luggage (counting purses, CPAPs, and computer cases.) It would have been better if I had brought the address of our AirBnB. But the combination of a London cabby and modern technology got us there.

[28/12] We are now having hot chocolate in the National Gallery. So far, so good.

4 thoughts on “And Away We Went

  1. We’re following you. Have a good new year, and we’ll stay in touch (until, of course, you become a subscription site).

    The Goddards


  2. I am so glad your flight out of MSP wasn’t too delayed and that you got the various cars, carts, and wheelchairs. We are going to relish travelling vicariously!


    1. We came from Minneapolis, where the temperature was in the single digits (F), to London, where the temperature is in the upper 30s to low 40s and are freezing. Our AirBnB hosts, Mich and Van (“Mich (Airbnb)” ), took the opportunity to visit Florence, where the temperature is in the 40s and they’re freezing. Maybe we have different standards for vacations.

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  3. Jack and I are having fun thinking of you docked in Funchal today. It is a tiny speck on our globe – and we read population 110,000 people. We’re sure that the temperature there is more agreeable than our -11 wind chill this morning. Thanks for sharing, we will follow you with great interest, and all good wishes, Nancy Garland


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